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¿ Por qué elegir Delinsect?

¿ Por qué elegir Delinsect?

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Why choose us?

  • Products stored in low temperature conditions -25 C°

  • Packaged at the moment and in an industrial manner to comply with NOM-251-SSA1-2009 (HYGIENE PRACTICES FOR THE FOOD PROCESS)

  • Professional and personalized treatment

  • 2% is accumulated with each purchase in an electronic wallet for future purchases.

  • Invoice on the same day.

  • Sterilized and pesticide-free products.

  • Availability all year round


Our vision is to become a global benchmark in the sustainable food market, normalizing the consumption of insects and contributing significantly to global food security. We aspire to promote biodiversity and resource conservation through ethical and responsible business practices.


At Delinsect, our mission is to lead the sustainable food revolution by offering nutritious and eco-friendly insect-based products. We are dedicated to providing innovative and delicious protein alternatives that meet the needs of an ever-changing and environmentally conscious world.

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Why consume insects?


  • Insects are a healthy and nutritious alternative to main raw materials such as chicken, pork, meat and even fish.

  • Crickets need 12 times less feed than cattle, four times less feed than sheep, and half as much feed as pigs and chickens to produce the same amount of protein.


  • Insects promoted as food emit considerably less greenhouse gases than livestock.

  • Insects can feed on streams of organic waste.

  • Ammonia emissions associated with insect farming are also lower compared to conventional livestock, such as pigs.    

Livelihood (economic and social factors)

  • Collecting and raising insects is a low-tech investmentogy and low capital that offers an opportunity to the poorest sections of society.

  • Wild products offer livelihood opportunities for both urban and rural people.

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